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Sutton Plumbing Heating and Cooling provide a wealth of first class plumbing and heating expertise for you and your home or business. We will tackle a range of tasks from servicing and maintenance of central heating systems; through to total refurbishments and bespoke systems.



Under floor heating provides the warmth to a room from the floor up, rather than heating the ceiling space first. It also uses lower temperature water because the larger heating surface does not need to emit as much heat per square meter as a radiator. This means the condensing boiler consumes less fuel, which in turn means lower running costs and less environmental damage. Research indicates that under floor heating is not only environmentally friendly.

It is recommended that annual maintenance be done on mechanical equipment such as the pumps, hot water heater, controls etc. If there was a problem or failure, it is commonly found in these mechanical parts. It is recommended that the installer be contacted for annual maintenance.
For repairs to the system, the homeowner should contact the installer. Be sure to have your design plan available for tubing location. We are here to aid and guide you through your purchase and installation of your Under Floor Heating Systems. Please call us .